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Stress Management And Its Importance


Stress is something that is inevitable but how we handle it this decides how our life is going to be. Every person has the remote control of his life in his hand in a sense that what happens to us is not in our control but how we react to it is in our control either you make your life a heaven or hell it is totally up to you. Let me ask you a simple question have you mastered you stress or your stress is mastering you? Your answer will tell you where you stand in life.


Stress management diagram


Here are some techniques that may help you out to deal with stress.

  • Firstly ask yourself a simple question, what are the sources of your stress, then analyze the pros and cons now take action where you can.
  • Adopt a realistic attitude towards life, and keep things simple
  • Learn relaxation exercises and practice these in times of stress it may include yoga, meditation, tai chi etc.
  • Exercise on the daily basis it will help you to keep you active and energetic.
  • Learn to say no if possible, to things which may add more stress to your life.
  • Time management will help you to avoid stress
  • Take proper rest and sleep because it will help your body to recover from stressful events
  • Eat healthy food, avoid too much of any food, try to maintain a balance in your diet.
  • Avoid drugs in order to get rid of stress.
  • Most importantly never skip an opportunity to spend time with your loved ones.


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